Where did I go? Part 2

I’ve been gone. For a while.

Sometime last July I faded out. No posts, no nothing. Stuff was still happening and I’ve got pictures galore. Why not post?

Here’s a quick update:

I went to Monterey with friends (insert heart emoji here)
Had a roommate
Sliced my hand open
Roommate left
I thought I had a great way out of my job
My job got worse
Had lots of kittens
Have lots of kittens now
It got hot
It got cold
No fire evacuations last year
Thanksgiving was tough because I worked the day before
I knitted Kate and Jill’s Christmas presents
62 came and went
I think I got COVID19 in February
COVID19 shut down everything … except work
Masks for everything
New computer system is an EPIC failure
The two pregnant women at work had their babies and it was finally peaceful after they left
The motto at work is, ‘I don’t care’
I spent $475 for snow plowing services last winter
My yard is overrun with raspberries
Hummers are back
Spend way too much money on yarn
Reading a good book on Mt. St. Helens
I found some great speakers for my Mac Mini
Got a new phone case
Skeeter and Petticoat turned 8 years old
Mariah went to Japan last June
Had to replace the struts on my Subaru
King Soopers baggers won’t bag your groceries if you bring your own bags
The pink masks work best, the white ones suck, the blues ones make my face itch
I watched ‘SEE’ and it’s bloody and the queen is kind of disgusting
I bought a wonderful new Amish yarn winder
I refuse to buy yarn at a place other than a yarn store or yarn festival
I have four blue spruce which means a more diverse forest on my property
Black lives matter
Zuckerberg is an asshole
Orange liqueur is better than cointreau for margaritas
Tequila Epsolon is boss
I fired a friend who adopted one of my kittens and let the kitten be traumatized
I got a Ring doorbell/camera
In terms of work … I have failed at being happy

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