Oh, for pity’s sake

People don’t listen.

Twice in the last two weeks I’ve warned people about the amount of snow at the Bar B and that getting in and out of my driveway can be, well, a challenge.

A contractor found that out two weeks ago when his 4×4 truck got stuck in the neighbor’s driveway (long story there) and it took about 3 hours and a pull from a neighbor to get him out. Good thing I have a hefty tow rope in my Jeep, something every woman should have.

Fast-forward to this week and my flooring was scheduled for delivery on Wednesday and I called the day before and warned them the driveway would be a problem. I even sent them a picture of it to show that though there’s only about 6 inches of snow but the next day held the promise of sunshine and my driveway melts fast into a sloppy street of mud. No, they said, they’ll still make the delivery on Wednesday. OK, if you insist.

Looks harmless enough, right?
Looks harmless enough, right?

The delivery driver pulled a brand new Kenworth flatbed into the driveway and ignored my suggestion to back in. It took him more than an hour and one ruined area rug to unload 1,700 square feet of golden oak hardwood flooring and he only stopped once to strike up a conversation about Jesus and the Serenity Prayer cross-stitch that hangs on my wall. He professed his love of the Lord and the difference his faith has made in his life. With a lightness of spirit, he carried on until all the new flooring was stacked in the back room.

Confident in his KW and a set of shiny new chains he set out to tackle the Bar B’s driveway and he managed to travel about 6 inches. The chains helped get him to the bad part, the nasty dog-leg-left turn onto the road.

Two posts marked the entrance and a nasty drop-off into the rocks and trees are the finish line should you misjudge where your back end is. I tell everyone that has to back out to not look at the left side where the drop-off is. Stay focused on your right mirror, follow the curve and keep your wheels on the driveway. Your vehicle will glide right out. Well, he listened up until he saw the flatbed come within 6 inches of the trees. He panicked and looked out the left side and over corrected on the mud-snow mix. He probably felt Jesus was nowhere to be found on this isolated mountain and he learned that mud is the great equalizer of heavy machinery as the Kenworth began to slide into the post and down into the trees and rocks.

small_Truck oops

Three hours later someone from the flooring company came up and was able to squeeze past the KW, get in front of it and tow it forward away from the Cliffs of Insanity. Both men offered a helpful suggestion: You should get this driveway fixed.

The driveway? Not a sign there was ever a KW sliding around on it.


The post? Not so good. I figure I’ll probably put it back up once I’m done with deliveries because Lord knows this could happen again. It’s apparent to me that Jesus saves but he doesn’t deliver.

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